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Spectre - Lead Programmer

Description: A Coop dual­stick horde shooter. Two players survive against enemy waves being spawned in the darkness. Vision is essential, most of the interactable objects and enemies are sources of light.

Role Description: To enhance the player's immersion in the game I coded the players' core gameplay mechanics. The gameplay mechanics were player movement, shooting (gun rotation), gun swapping (4 guns), bullet interation and ammunition tracker for every gun. I created 7 different scripts each one with a specific functionality. Some of these mechanics will be discussed in more detail in the code section. The concept of the game was based on sources of light and fog of war, so I developed a light system that merged 2 spotlights (one on each player), hundreds of point lights (at least 10 in each bullet), ambient light (on each pyramid and power-up boxes) and emission lights (on the blood of the enemies) to boost the game's uniqueness, while preserving its light-based shooter genre. I generated a Co-op survival game system creating a split-screen view, while also coding 3 different levels with 2 end states (death of both players or killing the required amount of enemies). Lastly, I refined the 3 enemies that were created (each enemy with a unique "ability") and integrated all the sounds into the game bringing a more vivid feel for the game.

Team Members:

Colin Winders - Artist

Connor Dean - AI Programmer / GUI Programmer

Download the game here.

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