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Lucid - Lead AI & Indicator Programmer

Description: Lucid is a top down rogue-like action game about exploring your dreams. Journey through a procedurally generated dreamscape, fighting off nightmares and searching for clarity. In your dreams you have the power but be careful. With everything you do, you draw closer to realizing your'e asleep and seeing your dream crumble before you.

Role Description: My role in this game was to create enemy AIs that could traverse and fight the player through procedural generated maps. I used coded NavMesh Agents to improve the movement and the logic of each enemy, while creating a variety of attacks to each enemy. When creating the enemies I created variables that could be tested easily so each enemy could feel dynamic and worth fighting. After fully creating each enemy and improving their attacks, I moved on to helping the group with small tasks and also implemented an enemy & projectile indicator system where the player would have indications of where projectiles are coming from and where enemies are hiding.

Team Members:

Brian Eisenberg - Design Lead and Programmer

Connor Dean - Lead Level Designer and Particle Effects Designer

Colin Winders - Lead Character Artist

Diego Holguin - Procedural Generation Programmer

Jacob Frommer - Scrum Manager and Environment/Shader Designer

Manny Gomez - Lead Texture Artist and Environment Artist

Nick Pinero - Lead Animator and Character Artist

Download the game here.

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