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Karman Cruisers Lead Programmer & GUI Programmer

Description: Karman Cruisers is a strategic shot making, turn-based, multiplayer racer. Be the first to the teleporter in the least amount of shots to be victorious!

Role Description: When creating Karman Cruisers we wanted a turn-based game where there was a logic behind which player would be granted a turn to launch. The game's concept came from golf, so we decide to stick to golf's turn-based logic. I coded the algorithm that would not only decide which player will be the next to launch (based on player position), but it would also decide the launching order of players at the beginning of the new level (based on who had the least shots when all players reached the teleporter). I coded 5 different characters each one having its own unique ability, while also adding an offensive ability for all of them. I also developed the in-game HUD, which consisted of coding/animating the 5 ships, the power meter, the accuracy meter, the thrusters, and the ability icons. When creating the menus I felt that the game needed a more interactive feel for it, so I coded a fully interactive control menu (which contained GIFs and explanations for every mechanic of the game) and a garage based selection screen, where the ships would fly in and out reporting their abilities and their strengths. The core aspect of Karman Cruisers was physics and how forces affected everything in the game. I designed an algorithm that would apply a force to the ship based on the power meter, the aiming meter, the thruster chosen, and the direction. By creating this algorithm I was able to merge the trajectory indicator functionality, where the player would have a better way to aim his own shot (based on the shot being hit perfectly).

Team Members:

Colin Winders - Environment / GUI Artist

Connor Dean - Camera Programmer / Level Designer

Manuel Gomez - Character Artist

Download the game here.

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